Whether it’s your first time in church…ever, or just your first time at LFCC you probably have lots of questions about what it will be like. What should I wear? Do I have to wear a Visitor tag? Is there something for my kids? Here are some things you can expect during your visit to LFCC:

A warm, welcoming environment

You probably already know someone who is a part of LFCC, but even if you don’t you will find that we’re easy to get along with. 

Free Coffee and Snacks

 Didn’t have time to eat breakfast or grab a cup of coffee? It’s OK. We have it for free. It may not be Starbucks, but it does the job. Oh, and feel free to take it with you into the service.

Engaging worship and relevant teaching

You’re encouraged to worship in a way that’s comfortable for you. You will see people who clap, sing, raise their hands and worship in other ways. We believe God’s word leads to life so we do our best to teach it in a way that is practical, inspirational and makes sense to our lives today.


High challenge, low pressure

Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to do something you’re not comfortable with, but there will be times of challenge that will help you make decisions and changes that will help you become more like Jesus.


Kids’ Kingdom

Kid's-Kingdom-FULL-CREST-(GREY-on-WHITE)Our Kids’ Kingdom area is a fun place for children ages 3-5th grade to come, worship, and learn. Our worship and teaching is is tailored specifically for kids by using songs and language that is easy for kids to understand. While the experience on Sunday is important, we believe it’s more than just attending on Sunday morning. That’s why we provide activities where the kids can put that they have learned into practice.

It’s important to us that every kid is kept safe. All volunteers are screened to ensure the safety of your kids. When you arrive, your child will be checked in and you and your child will be given a security tag that will make sure the right person picks up the right kid.

Highway 111

Highway 111 was created with your teens in mind. Every Sunday night at 6:00, the teens meet in the Youth House (located to the East of the main building) to Play, Serve, and Become.

Highway111_logoPlay: We like to have fun and we like to worship…LOUD. There are fun things to do before the service starts so kids can just hang out together and have fun. They have their own worship service with a band and teaching geared to them.

Serve: Service matters. God tells us to serve those around us…so we do.

Become: Our ultimate goal is to become disciples of Jesus. Everything we do at Highway 111 is designed to help teens become disciples of Jesus. To help with this process, the teens are guided through this process by adults who love to help teens discover God and live for him.

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