Thanks for your interest in Share Your Faith: An Online Course by Linton First Christian Church.

Share Your Faith is presented by Gerry Thomas and Kevin Francis. The course is designed to equip Christians to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first session begins with a review of God’s purpose for us and a basic class introduction. The second session introduces ways to initiate conversations with friends, relatives, neighbors and others.

The remainder of the class will provide training for sharing the Gospel with others in a comprehensive, personal, and respectful way.

If you need extra copies or need to view the documents that go along with the class, you can do so by following the links below.

View course videos below:

Class 1

Gerry Thomas and Kevin Francis bring you a new Sunday School class from LFCC, known as Share Your Faith. If you have ever wanted to share your faith with someone but not really known how, this is the class for you!

Class 2

In this episode of Share Your Faith, Gerry Thomas and Kevin Francis lay out the way to build relationships and how to start conversations with friends, relatives, neighbors, or anyone who you feel called to Share Your Faith with.

Class 3

Today, we watch a video together by the creator of the course, John Hendee. In this video, Hendee outlines how we should present ourselves and how the “It’s All About Relationship” model works.

Class 4

This week, Gerry gives Kevin the first lesson from the “It’s All About Relationship” (IAAR) course. You can use this interaction as a basis to begin planning the way that you will Share Your Faith with others

Class 5

This week, Kevin delivers the second lesson from the “It’s All About Relationships” model so that you can use it as an example on how to go about giving these lessons to other people.

Gerry and Kevin offer some encouragement to keep pushing forward with the Share Your Faith class!

Class 6

Gerry Thomas goes through the 3rd Lesson of the “IAAR” model with Kevin so that you can have an example of how it will work when you Share Your Faith.

Class 7

In this episode, Kevin gives Gerry the final lesson from the “It’s All About Relationship” model.

Class 8

In this episode of Share Your Faith, Gerry and Kevin go through their condensed version of all four lessons. This is useful in case there is ever a time where you meet someone and you may not have the opportunity to be able to set up four different sessions with them.

Class 9

Today, Gerry and Kevin go through the two tri-folds and take a more in-depth look at them and how they can be used to witness to others.

Class 10

Share Your Faith LIVE | Class 10

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