This series covers the biblical foundations of Covenant and Kingdom.


Scott Shipman from Helping His Hands share a message about Grace this morning.


In a new series about Spiritual Gifts, Archie teaches us how we are “Created For More”.


Archie brings us a message about reaching “Just One” in 2017.


Bret Hobbs brings a message for the new year called, “A New Year A New Look.”


Archie leads us through a Christmas series called, “A Gift With A Name.” Throughout the series, Archie will teach about the names of God, and the true gift of Christmas.


Warren Shake brings a message about giving thanks called, “Giving Thanks In A Chaotic World.”


Tyler Hodson teaches us about unity in his message “What We Have In Common Outweighs Our Differences.”


Archie leads us through a new series called Undecided where he talks about politics and the Christian Life.


Warren Shake gives us a message on being a rescuer called, “911 Rescue”.


Gordon Green gives us a message on giving called, “To Tithe or Not to Tithe.”


Archie leads us through a new series called Going For The Gold. Join us on Sunday to learn how the Olympics relate to our Christian life.


Eli Passen grew up at LFCC and has been the intern at the church for the summer. Eli attends Indiana Wesleyan and is the son of Curt Passen (LFCC Worship Leader) and Jane Passen (LFCC Little Friends Preschool Director). Eli leads us in a two week message about the Anchors we hold on to.



Archie leads us through a new series entitled Urban Legends. An urban legend is a form of modern folklore. It is a secondhand story alleged to be true and just plausible enough to be believed. Join us through the next four weeks as we go through some of the legends out there that affect us spiritually.



Warren Shake, Pastoral Care Director at LFCC, talks about the heroes of the bible.




Archie finishes up his VBS series with his message entitled “Keep the Light.”



Archie starts a new series that helps us understand what it means to truly be a disciple and challenges us to honestly answer the question, “Are you a disciple?”



Tyler challenges us to be people of prayer who will boldly share the message of God with people around us.



Archie leads us through the story of Hosea to help us understand God’s extreme love and pursuit of us.



Brian Dimbath challenges everyone to grow in their spiritual maturity and become spiritual parents.




Bret Hobbs shares biblical guidance on how to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.




Archie leads us through examples of prayer and breaks down the different aspects of a healthy prayer life.





Cord Quakenbush, LFCC Elder, shares biblical guidance on how to remain steady as we run the race for Christ.





Bret Hobbs, a long time leader at LFCC, leads us through what is required to love Jesus.





Archie Ellett, Lead Minister, walks us through the history of some of the most famous Christmas Carols.





Warren Shake, Pastoral Care Director at LFCC, presented the Word of God from the book of 2nd Chronicles.





What in life do you hunger for? What do you thirst for? Power? Sex? Wealth? Fame? Freedom? Respect? Attention? Meaning? Peace? Truth? Mercy? Purity? Control? Forgiveness? God? In this four part series Archie walks us through Matthew 5.6 and what God wants us to hunger and thirst for.





Archie takes us through a look at the mission of the church though this four week series. He paints the picture of what Jesus has challenged every church to do and then begins to speak about how we as a local church strive to accomplish those goals. This series is a great place to start if you have ever wondered why we do what we do as a church.





We have all had moments in our life or even seasons of life of stress and tension. Connection Minister, Brian Dimbath, shares what the Bible says about stress and how God wants us to handle it. When you are squeezed, what comes out?





Trevor Gilbert is an Elder of LFCC. Trevor leads us through what the Bible says about faith and how our faith will be tested.





Sometimes we speak without really knowing God’s truth. Often God’s truth is misunderstood or misquoted because we don’t take the time to look to the source. In the second installment of this series, we are going back to the Bible to reveal what God is communicating to us about some current topics that do not line up with God’s teachings.





Eli Passen grew up at LFCC and has been the intern at the church for the summer. Eli attends Indiana Wesleyan and is the son of Curt Passen (LFCC Worship Leader) and Jane Passen (LFCC Little Friends Preschool Director). Eli leads us through what he has learned about serving.





Bret Hobbs is a long time leader at LFCC. Bret leads us through what we should declare to the world as Christians.





Archie sets up the VBS event by leading us through the theme scripture in Ephesians 6. Our faith is under constant attack and this series explores how God wants to prepare us to stand firm through those attacks.





Brian shows us that it is vitally important to have God flow out of us; not just into us. In this practical message, Brian shows us Jesus’ example of this IN/OUT rhythm and then paints a picture of what happens when we don’t get that rhythm right in our own lives.





Archie takes us through this short story about a believer running away from God. This four week series digs deeper into this Old Testament book to show us that this story is more than a children’s story about a whale.





Tyler Hodson, Youth Director at Linton First Christian Church, brings the word, teaching us about the Good Shepherd.





The Bible is an important part of a Christian’s life, but many people don’t understand how it all fits together. The Story brings the Old and New Testament together to help give us a clear understanding of God’s story and how we fit into it.

Everyone in our church will be participating in The Story together. Kids, teens, adults, and families will be learning about the same portion of scripture each week so that we can learn together as individuals and as families.

Another key component to the Story is for adults to participate in a Small Group or Adult Education Class. While the Sunday service is a great place to learn together as a church, the small groups and classes will provide an opportunity to apply the information on a personal level and discover how you fit into God’s story. Each class and group will have discussion designed to help you understand what’s happening in God’s story and questions to help you understand your place in the bigger picture.


The Story

Introduction to The Story (09.28.14)
The Story Week 1 – Creation (10.05.14)
The Story Week 2 – God Builds A Nation – Abraham (10.12.14)
The Story Week 3 – Joseph (10.19.14)
The Story Week 4 – Deliverance – Moses (10.26.14)
The Story Week 5 – New Covenant, New Commands (11.02.14)
The Story Week 6 – Wandering (Moses) (11.09.14)
The Story Week 7 – The Battle Begins (11.16.14)
The Story Week 8 – The Judges (11.23.14)
The Story Week 9 – Faith of a Foreign Woman (11.30.14)
The Story Week 10 – Standing Tall, Falling Hard (12.07.14)
The Story Week 11 – From Shepherd to a King (12.14.14)
The Story Week 12 – Trials of a King (12.21.14)
The Story Week 13 – The King Who Had It All (12.28.14)
The Story Week 14 – A Kingdom Torn in Two (01.04.15)
The Story Week 15 – God’s Messengers (01.11.15)
The Story Week 16 – Beginning of the End (01.18.15)
The Story Week 17 – The Kingdom’s Fall (01.25.15)
The Story Week 18 – Daniel in Exile (02.01.15)
The Story Week 19 – The Return Home (02.08.15)
The Story Week 20 – The Queen of Beauty and Courage (02.15.15)
The Story Week 21 – Rebuilding the Wall (02.22.15)
The Story Week 22 – The Birth of a King (03.01.15)
The Story Week 23 – Jesus’ Ministry Begins (03.08.15)
The Story Week 24 – No Ordinary Man (03.15.15)
The Story Week 25 – Jesus, The Son of God (03.22.15)
The Story Week 26 – The Darkest Hour (03.29.15)
The Story Week 27 – The Resurrection (04.05.15)
The Story Week 28 – New Beginnings (04.12.15)
The Story Week 29 – Paul’s Mission (04.19.15)
The Story Week 30 – Paul’s Final Days (04.26.15)
The Story Week 31 – The End of Time (05.03.15)

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